Why Be a PMF?

Former PMFs, public policy career advisors and current government employees breakdown the advantages of the Presidential Management Fellows program and why it’s the best way to fast-track your government career. This video covers everything from the program’s higher pay to better training to mission critical work that fellows are tasked with.

The Application

The biggest deterrent for prospective applicants to the PMF program is the application itself. It can be tedious at times and extremely detailed. Sit back, take a deep breathe and relax as our experts walk you through filling out your application step by step all the way through to submission.


The Online Assessment

The Online Assessment is the biggest mystery of the PMF process. How should you approach it? What is the test looking for? Our experts unriddle the process and get you as ready as you’ll ever be to take the assessment and secure your semi-finalist spot.

The In-Person Assessment

Congratulations you are a semi-finalist! Only the In-Person Assessment stands in-between you and being a finalist. Listen to PMF who have been throw the process and hear their insight on how to navigate the In-Person Assessment.

The Job Fair

The Job Fair is your best shot at landing a PMF, so make sure to do your homework. Listen to former PMFs and PMF agency coordinators as they tell you how you can stand out and walk out of the fair with better job prospects than when you walked in.

The Placement

Not every PMF finalist finds a job but don’t freak out. Our experts have advice for finding a position before and even after the job fair. We’ll walk you through browsing for jobs, contacting supervisors and what to do with multiple offers.

What’s Next?

You landed a PMF job but now what? What should you expect on the job? What resources are available to you? Hear from past PMFs and see what parts of the program they loved and what challenges they faced..