Andrew Card
Dean of the Bush School of Government and Public Service
Texas A&M University
Former White House Chief of Staff under President George W. Bush

“As the PMF application process undergoes revisions and as the standards for acceptance evolve, it’s our job to make sure that applicants are equipped with the best, most current information about the process., the product of an unprecedented partnership between the Robertson Foundation for Government and GovLoop, breaks down the barriers that deterred applicants from pursuing one of the most prestigious fellowships our government has to offer. It will be an invaluable resource to every future applicant.”


Paul Light
Paulette Goddard Professor of Public Service
Founding Principal Investigator of the Global Center for Public Service
New York University

“The PMF is the premier federal program for recruiting the nation’s most talented students into the public service. It has undergone substantial revision in recent years and students often struggle understanding the process. That’s why I’m excited about The Robertson Foundation for Government has teamed up with social networking site GovLoop to create as the “go-to” guide, helping prospective
applicants navigate the PMF process from application to placement. and the accompanying guide gives the PMF program the boost it needs to reignite student interest. If the federal government is to meet the many future challenges it faces, it must have the very best leaders. The PMF Program is the gateway. is your tour guide through the gateway and beyond.”


Peter F. Cowhey
Dean of the School of International Relations and Pacific Studies
University of California, San Diego

“The Presidential Management Fellowship program enjoys considerable prestige within the government and constitutes a solid point of entry for those dedicated to pursuing careers in federal public service. For some agencies, like the State Department, the PMF program is the only viable avenue into entry-level civil service positions. Additionally, PMF hires do well in the US government after the PMF ends because of the program’s rotational opportunities, 80 hours of optional training, and significant fast-tracking opportunities up the GS scale that are largely unavailable to other new hires. I hope that this GovLoop publication, sponsored by the Robertson Foundation for Government, will generate the enthusiastic participation that this program fully warrants.”


Leigh Morris Sloane
Executive Director
APSIA — Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs

“The PMF is an excellent opportunity for students to jump-start their careers coming out of graduate school. This new and unique Guide to the PMF application process created by the Robertson Foundation and Govloop is a long overdue and invaluable resource for applicants and career advisers. The Guide provides clear and sound information regarding the value of participating in the PMF program and advice for maneuvering the multiple stages of the application process from start to finish.”


Stephen W. Bosworth
Dean of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy
Tufts University
Former U.S. Special Representative for North Korea Policy and Former U.S. Ambassador to South Korea, the Philippines, and Tunisia

“Applying for a Presidential Management Fellowship is not easy, nor
should it be. In order to identify the most worthy candidates, applicants are subject to a rigorous review and interview process. We fully support setting high standards for entry into the PMF program, but we also recognize that applicants making a commitment to serve their nation deserve the support from their institutions, organizations like the Robertson Foundation for Government., a roadmap to the PMF application process, represents our commitment to the men and women who want to pursue fulfilling careers in service to their nation.”


Donald F. Kettl
Dean of the School of Public Policy
University of Maryland, College Park

“The Robertson Foundation’s is an invaluable guide to the often- complex twists and turns of the Presidential Management Fellow process. For a generation, the PMF program has been a stellar opportunity for the very best and brightest to launch their careers in government leadership. Now, as the
Robertson Foundation is providing a powerful new program to help prepare leaders in government service and international affairs, this how-to manual will
help countless students find their path to exciting public service careers. We at the University of Maryland School of Public Policy are proud to have shared tips and hints with the Robertson Foundation in improving access to this great program.”


James Steinberg
Dean of the Maxwell School of Public Policy
Syracuse University

“The Guide to Managing the Application Process is an invaluable tool for any student interested in the PMF program, one of the most exciting paths to a career in public service. Draw on the experience and insights of those who know the program best – from former PMFs, college career advisors and government managers, the Guide helps prospective applicants understand what it takes to become a PMF. With this guide, the Robertson Foundation has made an extraordinary contribution by helping to attract the brightest and most committed young men and women to service to the nation.”


Tamara Golden
Career Consultant
School of International Relations and Pacific Studies (IR/PS)
University of California, San Diego

“The Presidential Management Fellowship program remains a significant hiring avenue into federal agencies for graduate students who wish to pursue a civil service career in the public sector.  Additionally, PMF hires boast a high retention rate within the US government even after Fellows complete their 2-year commitment.  This is largely due to the program’s rotational opportunities, ample professional development training, and quick and significant pay increases.  The Robertson Foundation for Government has long been a major supporter of students wishing to pursue government careers.  With their sponsorship of this publication, they will hopefully be helping increased numbers of their Robertson Fellows and others to successfully vie for government positions as PMF Finalists.”


C. Bryan Kempton
Office of Career Services and Alumni Relations
University of Maryland

The Robertson Foundation for Government’s “Guide to the Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) Program”  is the most helpful resource available for understanding and navigating the application process.  Government officials, PMF alumni, career counselors and others offer key insights on everything from the importance of the PMF program and the dual-tiered assessment to how to interview effectively as a finalist and the best use of the PMF Job Fair.  Robertson Fellows applying to the PMF program now have a new weapon at their disposal – one that will undoubtedly have a positive effect on the results.


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