Guide to Internships and Fellowships in Government

internship-guide-coverAre you looking for a unique work experience? Do you want to land an internship or fellowship and launch a career in public service?

Beginning a career in government is increasingly difficult in the current climate of tightening budgets and hiring freezes. But there is good news! This guide will help you identify where you want to go, and set a plan for getting there.

During your discovery process, focus on the things that you can learn, the interesting people you will meet, and the ways in which you can use an internship or fellowship to explore your interests.

This guide reveals the tactics you may use to your advantage – whether you’re hired by an organization or not. Our intel is based on professional insights we’ve collected from interviews and surveys of more than 40 career counselors, former interns and fellows, and program coordinators.

Start reading to get first-hand knowledge of the best ways to establish yourself in government.

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    "Guide to Internships and Fellowships in Government"