Updated for 2019: Guide to Managing the PMF Application Process

PathtoPMF.com is the “go-to” guide for prospective applicants in navigating the PMF process from application to job placement. The guide shares advice with applicants based on interviews with more than 60 current and past PMFs, nearly a dozen career advisors, and several federal agency program coordinators. Updated for the 2019 PMF season, this guide offers a comprehensive resource for every stage of the application process, including:

  • Historical program overview and insider insight on the PMF program,
  • Tips on the application process and past interview questions,
  • Practical advice on the online and in-person assessment,
  • Analysis from historical data on popular graduate degrees, top universities, and top hiring agencies, and
  • Successfully managing the job fair and placement process.

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    "Updated for 2018: Your Guide to Managing the PMF Application Process"