Read our PMF guide? – still got questions about the 2013 PMF program?

Use this open thread to ask away (anonymous or real name) & we’ll get ’em answered. Anything is fair game, from deadline dates and logistics to specific case by case questions.

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  • Liz

    My graduate school does not have a Federal School Code. Will that code be required? If my school does not have one am I ineligible? I know past graduates have gone on to become PMF’s before. (school: US Naval War College)

    • Andrew Krzmarzick (GovLoop)

      Great question. May I ask what school, Liz? If not comfortable saying here, shoot me an email andrew [at] govloop [dot] com and I will help you learn more.

  • Jessica

    I graduated with a Masters degree in 2010, am I still eligible to apply?

    • Steve

      You are eligible to apply during Fall 2012 for the PMF class of 2013 if you completed an advanced degree program at an accredited graduate institution between November 2010 and August 2013.

  • Caitlin

    When does the 2 year fellowship begin if you’re chosen as a finalist and fellow?

    • Andrew Krzmarzick (GovLoop)

      Hi Caitlin – The 2-year fellowship will begin from the time you begin your employment with an agency. Typically, it will run summer of 2013 through summer of 2015, but sometimes it takes a person a bit longer to get placed (i.e. October / November) and the clock starts then.

  • Jake

    Are PhD’s more competitive than MPA/MPP/MIA? What percentage of finalists have a doctorate?

    • Andrew Krzmarzick (GovLoop)

      Hi Jake – A candidate’s degree is less important than the overall application. I’m afraid I don’t know the breakdown of PhDs vs. Masters…let me see if I can find out for you.

  • Kimberly

    How long should the resume be in terms of pages?

  • Tyler

    The Swiss university where I did my master’s degree (The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva) does not have a Federal School Code, however, its close affiliate (the University of Geneva) does and I was able to get federal students loans through that code. Can I be assured that my degree is eligible?

  • Steven

    I am looking at graduate programs that would prepare me the most for applying for the PMF Program in a few years. Is there a specific program I should be looking for that looks best on the application? I read your guide and it looks like most of the awards from 2012 were for Graduate Law degrees, however, I am having a hard time finding a graduate law degree that will not take at least 4 years, and honestly, I’m not sure if that’s what I want to do anyway. I am looking at Public Administration at UNC Chapel Hill right now; am I making a mistake in not pursuing law?

    Also, if I plan to enroll in a 2 year masters program starting in August of 2013 and graduate in June of 2015, should I apply for the program to start in 2015 or wait until 2015 to apply to start in 2016?

    Any advice and guidance you all can give is certainly appreciated!
    Thanks a lot!

    • Rick

      It depends what you want to do as a PMF. All this program does is make you very likely to land a job with a government agency; however, what you do in each agency can vary greatly. State or USAID are incredibly different from Interior or Veterans Affairs, and what you do inside each agency can vary as well (you could be part of a Legal team, HR, an Analyst, etc). Generally speaking, an MPA is your best all-around bet for the transferable skills that government employees will need, but it really depends on what you actually want to do. I would start there and then use the PMF as a means to that end, not as an end in itself. Just my two cents!

  • Ameeta

    Hi, I have just a few questions:
    1. Do you know when the finalists will be announced?
    2. How many days is the job fair and how soon after finalists are announced?
    3. Do you have 1 year to find employment from the moment you are a semi-finalist or finalist?
    Thank you kindly,

  • J

    Any news on when semi-finalists will find out about finalist status? They delayed from mid-March to late-March, and just today said early-April. Leaves on more than a little bit hesitant to believe their timelines

  • AJ

    I’ve accepted a tentative offer from one agency for a position and have subdequently received an offer from a different agency. I prefer the position with the second agency. Is there a problem with me accepting the second offer and informing the first agency that I now decline there tentative offer?

    • Prem

      I think I might be in the same position. What happened in your situation?

  • Dustin

    I am preparing for the Class of 2014. I am a U.S. military academy graduate with 10 years of military/combat eperience, but have an MPA from a non-distinguished university. Can anyone provide advice regarding preparation of a resume heavy on military & international experience, but light on academic rigor? No one in my network is familiar with the PMF and thus cannot provide sound guidance to ‘de-militarize’ my resume.

  • TJ

    I would be interested to know the impact that vet preference is going to have on finalist selection.

    • Stuart

      Veterans preference had a substantial impact on finalist selection for the class of 2013. Vets comprised less than 10% of applicants but 39% of finalists.

  • Mick Thomas

    I think it’s great that veterans get a preference. I’m too old to take advantage of it but I encouraged my son to do it. It’s a great way to get your foot in the door when your competition is as qualified as you are!

  • Mick Thomas

    Has anyone seen the list of agencies that will be hiring or looking to hire PMF’s in 2014?

  • Don

    First year MPA, veteran, experience as local gov’t elected official. Plan on an internship during summer 2014 that supplements my MPA classes. Any thoughts about how I should evaluate potential opportunities with an eye toward strengthening my application next year? Or do internship details not carry much weight?