Download the Guides is the “go-to” guide for prospective applicants in navigating the PMF process from application to job placement. The guide shares advice with applicants based on interviews with more than 60 current and past PMFs, nearly a dozen career advisors, and several federal agency program coordinators.

The guide offers a comprehensive resource for every stage of the application process, including:

  • Historical program overview and insider insight on the PMF program,
  • Tips on the application process and past interview questions,
  • Practical advice on the online and in-person assessment,
  • Analysis from historical data on popular graduate degrees, top universities, and top hiring agencies, and
  • Successfully managing the job fair and placement process.

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intl_jobs_500If you’re interested in getting a government job in foreign policy or international affairs, our “Making Global Impact: Guide to International Jobs in Government” is the resource for you.

Based on information from dozens of websites and interviews with more than 20 international government employees and career experts, this guides answers the following questions:

1. Where Are the International Jobs in Government? Explore traditional agencies like the State Department and the U.S. Agency as well as lesser-known agencies with global components in their missions.

2. How Do You Launch and Advance an International Career in Government? Understand the type of education, experience, and networking that prepares and positions you for success.

3. What’s It Like to Be a Public Sector Professional in International Affairs and Foreign Policy? Read three stories of people living the day-to-day reality of a current foreign policy professional in government.

“Getting Into Government: A Guide for High Achievers” is a blend of succinct information and anecdotal insight from more than a dozen of the top career experts as well as current government employees who know how to navigate the government application process. The High Achiever guide is a comprehensive resource for every stage of the application and hiring process, including:

  • Understanding how to set up a search on and filter out jobs that aren’t a good fit,
  • Breaking down special hiring programs and lesser known international and intelligence jobs,
  • Defining terms like grade and series, and offering insider tips on finding top opportunities
  • Revealing a step-by-step explanation of what happens during the application review process,
  • Sharing concrete tips for crafting a government-specific resume, and
  • Giving insight on proactive network building and how to conduct an informational interview

Note: If you want to download our previous guides, “Getting into Government” and “Making Global Impact”, you can fill out the same form as above. After doing so, you will receive a confirmation email directing you to a page where you can download all 3 of our guides. You can also access previous guide via Slideshare (PMF, Getting into Government) and of course the content of the updated PMF guide, broken down by section, will always be available to view on under the main navigation tab labeled “The Guides”.