2014 PMF Application: Open Thread

2014 PMF Application: Open Thread

The 2013-14 Presidential Management Fellowship (PMF) application season is almost here (you’ve probably seen that it’ll be open from October 1st – 15th).  OPM had a coffee chat with prospective applicants and launched their official PMF preparation guide on September 25th – you can check it out here.

As I type this message, we are updating our PathtoPMF guide to reflect these changes and aiming to be done by October 1.  While we are finishing, feel free to download our 2012-13 guide as most of it will still apply.

On to the open thread….

Use this open thread as a place to:

  • Ask questions
  • Share your experience
  • Or maybe just to vent 🙂

Good luck and let us know how we can help you submit a strong application.

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  • Brian


    Based on this is there a new path or selection criteria or placement for STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) Majors? Do we know how this will work or if it will hurt non STEM?

    • Bob

      There hasn’t been a whole lot of info on this from what I’ve seen yet. My guess is that it’s a new path, selection criteria, and should be additive in nature (extra slots) and not hurt non-STEM.

      What have others heard?

      • Alvin

        As a law student I don’t like the tones here. Really seems like they are trying to acquire STEM grads and they don’t like how so many law students apply. With the current budget situation I’m skeptical that they are going to add slots for stem it sounds like they want the pmf program to be more oriented to stem and less to attorneys, political science grads.

        • Larry

          Part of the trick here which isn’t discussed is how many actual PMF job openings (not slots but opening at career fair) there are. I know last year was fewer openings in end. Not sure how that plays in here but seems related

        • Andrew Krzmarzick (GovLoop)

          Hey Alvin – I’m not sure I’d take it as cutting back on law students so much as it’s a concerted effort to recruit more people in one discipline. Given the recent trend of more law students landing spots, you’re well-positioned. Slide 7 to me says they’re looking for people with law backgrounds that are interested in applying their knowledge to those specific types of positions / functional areas.

    • Andrew Krzmarzick (GovLoop)

      I’d consider this an “add-on” to the previous years’ wide open process in order to focus more specifically on recruiting STEM applicants and to link them to STEM jobs…so shouldn’t hurt non-STEM / reduce number of spots.

  • Tbb

    Has there been any guidance on which agencies are going to have designated STEM positions only? The new guide says that if you’re not STEM track you can’t apply to certain jobs.

    • Andrew Krzmarzick (GovLoop)

      Nothing yet, Tbb. My hunch is that we might not know that information until much closer to Finalist round.

  • Maria

    Hi, I was a semi-finalist last year, but was not selected as a finalist. Any tips for how semi-finalists can improve their prospects? Are candidates ranked throughout the process, or does each stage have a separate ranking?

    • Carmen

      It is my understanding that candidates are not ranked throughout the process: You either pass the first phase (and the second phase) or you do not. However, it is important to note that the essays that are collected during the phase one (the online assessment) are not factored into the online assessment. Rather, they are used in the phase two (the in-person assessment).

      Also, please note that the length of the essays has changed from last year.

  • Sarah

    Regarding resume submission, is the required format the OF-612 form? Or is this a more general resume? In addition, is it preferred to have a 1 page resume format or a more detailed multi-page CV format? I’m coming from STEM and the world of multi-page bio sketches as required by the NIH. Any tips?

    • Carmen

      There is not a required format for the resume. It is my understanding that most people submit a federal style resume for the initial application and then, if they are selected as a finalist, they use shorter resumes for the job fair.

      • Andrew Krzmarzick (GovLoop)

        Carmen’s right. No required format. The only thing to keep in mind is that government is different from private sector insofar as the 1-page rule doesn’t apply. Take whatever number of pages you need to outline your breadth of experience.

        If (When!) you make it to the Finalist stage, you’ll want to start tailoring your resume to the open vacancy announcements. Learn more in this training we did last year:

  • Rachel

    Do you have control over where you get placed? Also, for the application that is due for October 15, 2013…if selected when does employment begin?

    • Steve

      Rachel – you are actually 100% in control of where you get placed. If you make it, you are considered a finalist. Then there is a virtual career fair and you have to find an agency that wants to hire you. Once you are selected, you aren’t guaranteed a job – it’s partly on you to find an agency that wants to hire you. Check the section in Pathtopmf guide (download) on virtual career fair and placement.

      Employment begins as early as May but once again that’s on you to work out with the agency that wants to hire you (many start later)

  • Chad

    Is the fellowship for MLA’s that have graduated or are current students also accepted? If current students are accepted what is the term of the fellowship?

    • Bob

      Chad – check out the guidelines in the doc attached. It’s for people graduating in 2014 and those that have graduated within 2 years. It’s a 2year fellowship program

  • Kate

    Has anyone tried taking the assessment on Chrome? I have Firefox, but for some reason, the PMF site will NOT load on it. (It is the most recent version.) I’m on a Mac so I can’t download IE. I was really hoping to do the assessment at home on my own computer, so should I risk trying to take it on Chrome?

    • lia

      I can’t help you, but simply offer some empathy: As another Mac person who wanted to do it at home, I was also annoyed by the assessment operating system requirements. I had to do it at the library’s PC while doing my best to drown out the noise of everyone around me. Not ideal, but it only took an hour or so and now it’s done… and was easier than trying to install virtual Windows on my Mac, which was my initial idea. Good luck!

  • Edward Rice

    Quick question – does anyone know if Earth and Environmental Science is considered a STEM degree or not? They have Earth/Planetary Science listed as STEM…

    • Juan

      Not sure but that sounds about same as earth/planetary science so I’d assume yes

    • Andrew Krzmarzick (GovLoop)

      If in doubt, go ahead and apply, Edward! But that definitely sounds to me like it fits.

  • lia

    Any ideas about pros / cons for applying for the STEM track? I have a research master degree in social psychology, which should qualify under the ‘research psychology’ track. However, I have extensive background in education as well, and am not sure if applying for the STEM track will limit me to the types of jobs available, or open up additional possibilities…

    • Steve

      No one really knows but here’s my thoughts based on my research.

      Every week on jobs.govloop.com, I pick the top 10 jobs on USAJOBS – in an average week there is approximately 200 IT jobs while only 20 communication jobs, 30 budget jobs. There’s a huge need for technical talent in government so it makes sense to have a STEM track.

      Another thought we discovered in our High Achiever guide (can download from download tab). Many career advisors found it very difficult for folks to get generalist jobs like program analysts gigs as tons of competition/applications. However, they were much more successful with technical openings like statistician, economist, IT, etc.

    • Andrew Krzmarzick (GovLoop)

      My sense is that you’ll want to stay more general if your experience and education lend itself to a broader type of opportunity. Since it’s the first year of STEM, my (completely unofficial) prediction is that there will be fewer of those positions and you’ll want to have more options.

  • Claire

    I just did the video part and the questionnaire on my mac using firefox and it worked well. I couldn’t scroll but I could zoom in and out, so I didn’t miss anything. Hope this helps other mac users out there! It was firefox 23.0.1 and my mac is running 10.7.4

    • Carmen

      Thanks for letting us know!

    • C.

      Thanks, this was very helpful to know!

  • Matt

    I just completed my PhD in Environmental Sciences, so I guess I’m in a similar situation to Edward Rice (below). I would prefer to apply to the STEM track but it seems I cannot because my degree is not on the list. There may be no way to answer this question definitively, but am I justified in thinking that it will be difficult to find placement as a STEM person on the non-STEM track? In other words, will I be unable to apply for STEM jobs that I would be qualified for just because I am not considered STEM by the PMF program?

    • Andrew Krzmarzick (GovLoop)

      As with Edward, Environmental Science sounds like an “Earth Science.” It seems like that should fit…

      • Matt

        Thanks for your response Andrew. It is absolutely an Earth Science. My concern is that in the application form, there are tick boxes for ‘Environmental Science’ and ‘Earth Science.’ Since the PMF application has a fairly strict structure, I don’t want my application to be thrown out if I elect Earth Science if my transcript will say my degree is Environmental Science. I e-mailed the PMF program already and got a very generic response. All they said was that ‘You are encouraged to select the degree discipline you feel best matches your program of study.’ I guess if I feel my Environmental Science degree was Earth Science-oriented, then I can elect Earth Science. Any thoughts?

        • Andrew Krzmarzick (GovLoop)

          I haven’t been in the application, so I wasn’t aware of both those boxes being available. Given those two options and the fact that you’ve got a Ph.D. in Environmental Science, I’d tick that box and know that you’re likely one of the strongest candidates making that selection…vs. others who are using a a broader category like Earth Science to catch a variety of degrees.

          • Matt

            Thanks again. The only issue is that Environmental Science is non-STEM. If I want to go the STEM route, what does your gut tell you about checking Earth Science? Do you think this would be grounds for disqualification?

          • Andrew Krzmarzick (GovLoop)

            I’d go with Environmental Science as it sounds like the best match for your background…and that was the counsel of OPM, too, I’d say.

          • Matt

            Thanks for the insight!

  • Adam Race

    I will be applying to the PMF in a few days and I’m trying to figure
    out more info about the difference between the regular track and the
    STEM track. I’m curious what the differences between the two are
    (besides the Science, Tech,…) and what advantages/disadvantages are to
    pick one over the other. The PMF site is pretty vague in making that

    I’m in the Master of Public Health (Health Promotion & Health Behavior track) now but would honestly like to work for the State Dept mostly. Thoughts?

    • Steve

      There’s a couple threads on this below and honestly there’s not a whole lot more info on this. It’s 1st year for STEM track so a little too early to know advantages/disadvantages.

      One comment I would say is be open to other agencies. State Department is the most difficult and most in-demand agency to work for. But there’s plenty of interesting international work at other agencies (see our international guide on this site)

  • Nick

    Hello! Just curious, I saw the answer given to Matt regarding his Ph’D in Environmental Science. I guess I am in the same boat as I have an M.S. Degree in Geography (with heavy coursework in Remote Sensing/GIS/Geospatial Analysis). So I ticked the box for Geospatial Analysis on my PMF STEM application, so would I be in any trouble/grounds for disqualification as soon as they see the name of my degree? My plan is show that much of my coursework was in GIS and that I fit under that STEM checkbox instead of the broader Geography tickbox that’s on the traditional PMF application. What do you think Andrew? Thanks so much in advance!

    • Andrew Krzmarzick (GovLoop)

      Did they have both Geospatial Analysis and Geography? If they only had the first, it sounds like geography would be the closest to that given discipline. If they had both, I’d give same advice as above – go for the discipline where you (a) have the experience and (b) want to spend your time working. GIS is going to be hot in the years ahead. Good for you to zero in there!

      • Nick

        “Geospatial Analysis/Geographic information systems” is what they list. I think I will check this box as my coursework is heavy in geoprocessing and programming for Geographic Applications, thanks so much for the advice!
        TThanks for the kind words, currently leading a research collaboration on some development work for the Google Earth Engine out at a University in Italy. I won’t have any problems with PMF phone call correspondence right? From what I understand they primarily e-mail? Will be back by the end of December!
        TThanks so much!

        • Andrew Krzmarzick (GovLoop)

          Hey Nick – Sweet opp in Italy! You’re right. Most, if not all, correspondence at this stage is by email.

  • Dr. Skillz

    I will complete my Master of Science in Information Technology: Software Engineering in order to be eligible for the program. I really think I should apply for the STEM track, but which discipline should I choose? Software engineering is not computer science nor does it focus on the hardware aspects of computer engineering. It’s focusing on developing software. Which discipline should I choose?

    • Andrew Krzmarzick (GovLoop)

      Hey Dr. Skillz. Nice name, first 🙂
      Second, was Computer Science the closest they had under STEM disciplines? I’m flying a little blind and probably just need to get a list of the disciplines…

  • Adam Race

    I will be applying for the PMF in a few days and I’m trying to figure
    out more info about the differences between the regular track and the
    STEM track. I’m curious what the differences between the two are
    (besides the Science, Tech,…) and what advantages/disadvantages are to
    pick one over the other (or is it even possible with me?). The PMF site is pretty vague in making that
    distinction and comparing the two.

    I am soon to graduate
    from my Master of Public Health program (Health Promotion & Health
    Behavior track) and see that on the list (STEM), but, I would actually
    like to work with the State Dept in some capacity, which may not be
    health related.

    Any additional info would be greatly appreciated.

    • Adam Race

      Thanks for your comment, Andrew! Not sure why it isn’t showing up now. I think I’m going non-STEM b/c my track is not a hard science, like I assume the STEM jobs will be. Thanks!

  • Alison

    I’m trying to decide what track to apply to; I will soon be graduating from a masters program that specialized in both public health and nutrition. Will the application process and/or potential job opportunities differ according to which STEM specialty I select? Will there be any type of competency assessment for the given specialty within the application process? And finally, it’s clear that non-STEM people can’t apply for STEM-only positions, but would I be able to apply to non-STEM positions even if I became a fellow through the STEM track?

    • Andrew Krzmarzick (GovLoop)

      Hi Alison – Here’s what I can tell from the guidance provided so far:

      1) Will the process differ based on STEM choice? No. You will go through the same process as everyone else. (Online, In-Person, Job Fair, etc.)

      2) Will the potential job opportunities differ? From what I can tell, I believe that STEM applicants will have STEM jobs to apply for. Here’s what OPM officially says on their FB page: “Those selected as Finalists for the PMF STEM track may apply to STEM track positions only.” That being said, people we talked to for our guide said they were hard at work lining up jobs via networking as soon as they were named a Finalist (and before the Job Fair or official stuff was posted), so don’t rule out other options / opportunities that you can create.

      3) Competency assessment for given specialty? Not from what I can see. The seven core competencies of a PMF remain the same whether you are STEM or not.

      4) STEM apply for non-STEM? See my response to #2 above.

  • Leslie Andersen

    Please provide any specific information available regarding PMF Finance Fellows..

    • Sue

      Have a link? Not sure I’ve seen this

    • Andrew Krzmarzick (GovLoop)

      Hi Leslie – Based on a quick search, this is what I’m finding: http://www.pmf.gov/the-opportunity/partnerships.aspx. Not much there specifically other than an indication that the Chief Finance Officers Council has a partnership.

  • CTH

    Hello, I am completing the PMF application in Windows Internet Explorer on a PC as indicated by the guide. Unfortunately when I get to the online assessment portion the browser opens in a limited window which I cannot expand. It makes it so that I cannot advance through the questions. Any ideas on what the problem might be or how to circumvent?

    • Lamar

      I had the same problem. If you press the Tab button, you should be able to advance down the screen.

  • Sarah J.

    Apologies if I’m reposting, I’m not sure if I did it correctly the first time. I just had a quick question about the transcripts. My official one as a PhD student from UCLA doesn’t have the anticipated graduation date. The registrar claims it’s due to the variation in doctoral graduation dates. My application won’t be rejected for this will it?

    • Carmen

      Your transcript will not be rejected. Your transcripts are just used to show that you are a grad student. If you are selected as a finalist and then hired by an agency, transcripts with your graduation date may be requested by the agency.

      • Ohno

        This is not right according to the FAQ’s. I contacted the PMF directly about this concern, and they said you needed to add an additional letter from the registrar with the expected graduation date.

        • Andrew Krzmarzick (GovLoop)

          +1 on Ohno’s comments. They’re pretty strict and you want to follow everything to the letter. With thousands applying, little things like that can become easy weed out factors.

          • ESDudley

            What about student ID #? I have everything else (including a letter) but the letter from the Registrar doesn’t have ID# and neither does the unofficial transcript.

          • Andrew Krzmarzick (GovLoop)

            Feels like might be late to get that…hopefully, there’s grace in what comes from others vs. what you can control.

        • Sarah J.

          Did you upload the additional letter in supporting documents?

        • HoSung

          this is what they sent me:

          “If required items are missing from the transcript, the Registrar or other university official may prepare a letter that provides the remaining information. The letter and transcript may be saved into the same file and upload to the appropriate section of the application. For example, you can scan both your transcript and the university letter into a .pdf file, and then upload that file under the “Transcripts” section. Remember, there is a 3MB max on file size.

          If you prefer to fax a document, you will find a customized fax cover sheet under the Documents section of the application. Following those instructions will ensure your fax is properly associated to your account.”

  • JesseNC

    character count include spaces? My computer counts both. I am guessing that it does not include spaces. Anyone have a clue?

    • Carmen

      It counts spaces.

      • JesseNC


    • Andrew Krzmarzick (GovLoop)

      We got this question last year and the answer from PMF was “The character limit for each essay field is 3,000. It includes all characters including spaces, punctuation, etc.”

      • JesseNC

        Thank you for confirming!

  • Ali Eorse

    The guide book was helpful.

    Two questions:
    – Is it okay to submit a resume in PDF (not USAJOBs) with main things as expected? I think this is okay. If so, how is the resume used in the assessment?
    Is it during phase one (for semi test) for phase two (for finalist test)?
    – Is it necessary to use all the character limit for essays?

    • Carmen

      -The resume is not used in phase one of the assessment. You are judged solely on the online assessment.

      -It is not necessary to use all of the characters allotted for each essay.

    • Andrew Krzmarzick (GovLoop)

      Submitting a PDF is fine. You can also use the USAJOBS Resume Builder to get it in the federal format, then convert to a PDF.

      While it is not necessary to use all the character limit, I’d try to get as close as you can. In our interviews, we’ve received advice from previous candidates to that effect.

  • Sarah J.

    I’m applying to the STEM track. Just curious if STEM trained individuals will be reading those applications separately. How much STEM jargon do you think we can get away with?

    • Andrew Krzmarzick (GovLoop)

      Hi Sarah – I don’t know exactly if STEM folks will be reviewing STEM applications, but use plain language as much as possible. That being said, don’t be afraid to demonstrate your expertise even if it’s a bit technical.

  • Guest

    How do you submit a resume through USAjobs? I only saw an option to upload a resume.

    • Carmen

      You have to upload a resume to the OPM PMF application website, you can not submit your resume though USAJobs. You can save your resume from USAJobs and then submit that one if you would like.

  • lindsey

    Hello! Does anyone know if you need to submit your undergraduate transcript? I hope not!

    • Ali Eorse

      Lindsey, no, you need to submit only one transcript from a graduate program (masters OR doctoral). The program is the one for which you are eligible (that is current student or a recent graduate, check the program site, pmf.gov, for the dates). Now, if your school sends you a transcript with both UG and graduate, then you just upload it. Basically, your transcript should have the information of the graduate program for which you are seeking eligibility for PMF. In sum, no one in the PMF program applicant pool will have his/her UG transcript reviewed. Good-luck.

    • Ali Eorse

      Lindsey, no, you need to submit only one transcript from a graduate program (masters OR doctoral). The program is the one for which you are eligible (that is current student or a recent graduate, check the program site, pmf.gov, for the dates). Now, if your school sends you a transcript with both UG and graduate, then you just upload it. Basically, your transcript should have the information of the graduate program for which you are seeking eligibility for PMF. In sum, no one in the PMF program applicant pool will have his/her UG transcript reviewed. Good-luck.

    • Ali Eorse

      Lindsey, no, you need to submit only one transcript from a graduate program (masters OR doctoral). The program is the one for which you are eligible (that is current student or a recent graduate, check the program site, pmf.gov, for the dates). Now, if your school sends you a transcript with both UG and graduate, then you just upload it. Basically, your transcript should have the information of the graduate program for which you are seeking eligibility for PMF. In sum, no one in the PMF program applicant pool will have his/her UG transcript reviewed. Good-luck.

  • Sarah J.

    Is anybody else not seeing a scrollbar on the windows during the online assessment videos? Every other aspect of the program is working fine. I’m using the latest version of Firefox.

    • ESDudley

      I didn’t have a scroll bar either, I just used my arrow keys, you don’t have to scroll down far normally.

    • Carmen

      I had the same issue. I just zoomed in my screen (ctrl -) and then I could see the questions and the video at the same time.

  • Rebecca

    Hi– I’ve just submitted my PMF application. The Application System says that my application has been received and that all questions are complete, but I didn’t receive a confirmation email or anything. Is this fine, or should I be looking for an email now or after the application closes? Thanks!!

    • Ali Eorse

      Rebecca: I was confused like that as well. Yes, if your application is submitted, then the “status” will say that application has been received. No email. If you want to edit your application, you can but you will have to submit it again (till you click the final button: finish). If you do, then you will have till 11:59:59. If you have submitted, I would suggest not editing. The last day the system can break, etc. Good-luck.

      NB: I noticed that in one of the essays, I could not go pass last 12 characters. That is, the system did not let me go till all 5,000. It did not matter. I had over 3000 characters (including spaces) for all three essays. Did anyone else get any problems?

      • guest


        There was a strange problem when copying my statements over, in MS Word it counted a certain number (lets say 5,000) but when I pasted it into the box, it cut off the last few characters. I just edited a bit to get it worked in. but it was strange.

        • Ali Eorse

          Well, I posted from word to a text editor. Then I pasted to the web browser (firefox). It worked. The main thing is to make sure quotes are re-typed on the browser window so that there are no strange characters when the reviewers print the applications.

          I wonder if the reviewers will see other materials, such as resume or transcript, while reading the essays. This is not clear. If they read essays and nothing else, then it will be hard for them to verify or know more specifics (such as GPA or awards).

          • guest

            I was assuming they would have the resume. no one wants to read a resume in prose. thats the point of the resume. I think its a waste of time to reiterate what is already on the resume, so I just referenced research/jobs with minimal detail and spent more time on the actual point I was trying to get across. i guess we’ll see.

      • anonymous

        I just checked, there is a 12 character discrepancy in the character (with spaces) count in word and the pmf system.

        • Ali Eorse

          Thanks! I edited it and so there are at least 100 characters left. Some essay have over 1000 left. It is good to make sure that each essay has at least over 2000 (preferably close to 3000).

  • D

    The GS grades have wide ranges for salary. How much can a candidate with some work experience expect to make?

  • Allison

    I submitted my application yesterday and it seemed to go through fine. However, no confirmation email at all. When I check my status at the log-in page it says that the application was received. Did anyone else receive a confirmation email or no?

    • JesseNC


  • M

    Has there been any word about the shutdown potentially prolonging the application review process?

  • Kyle

    I’m curious. Now that PMF application is over… what else are people applying to in terms of gov’t jobs? Fellowships?

  • Max Scott

    So the PMF website under ‘locations’ for where the assessment will be administered only said Washington DC. Will there be no other assessment locations for the 2014 PMF assessment? Last year I took mine in California. DC is a long way away. Trying to figure this out and hoping its not a budget cut issue..

    • Guest

      It has said only DC the whole time.

  • KCXPat

    Just curious, has anyone heard back yet?

  • SW

    I believe I read somewhere that they would be sending out notices end of November.

  • Cannot-Take-It-Anymore

    I did not hear and so assuming that I did not make it. This way I can move on.

  • Mick Thomas

    Ok, the list is out and I made it this year (not the last two, so I’m pretty excited). I’ll be on the STEM track, which is likely what made a difference.

    My question may seem ahead of itself, but question none the less. Does anyone know what the pay starts at? I ask because I’m making pretty good dough in the oil field now – I’d love to get out of it, but I can’t if it means a big pay cut.


  • slasher52

    How does the PMF staff determine who becomes a semi-finalist? Are the scores for each online assessment published under the PMF site and what are the minimums to move to the next stage as a semi-finalist?

  • Steve

    If you made the PMF semi-finalists, make sure to check out the semi-finalist thread. Ask your questions. Also we set up a Google Form if you want to be paired with free housing in DC with a PMF alum – http://pathtopmf.com/congrats-2014-pmf-semi-finalists-how-can-we-help-you-hack-dc/

  • Jake Oldenburg

    Does anyone know if accepting a federal position while waiting to hear back on whether or not I made Finalist will affect my eligibility?

    • Waiting

      From my understanding you’d have to make a choice. I’m not sure if they would convert a traditional appointment for a PMF appointment because they both have separate budgets. I’m pretty sure if your goal is to get your foot in the door, you’ve pretty much conquered that if you are in. You just will not have the benefits that PMF offer as far as leadership tracking and development, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will not be professionally groomed in the traditional appointment either ( I think you would in a traditional way). In my eyes you win regardless. It’s up to you to succeed either way once you are in. However, the right question would be if you do accept the traditional federal position and got into another agency (or the same) to pick you up for a PMF appointment, can you leave the traditional appointment without getting frowned upon.

      traditional=regular federal appointments (via usajobs.org)

  • Keith

    So….anyone else getting a bit curious?

    • IRB

      So… is anyone else refreshing their inbox every 2 minutes or am I the only one?

      • Ace

        any day now…

      • Sam

        I think they’ll announce on Friday. Close enough to the 8th and I feel like they usually release stuff like this on Fridays around COB

        • IRB

          I hope so.

        • IRB

          Also, what’s COB?

          • Sam

            Close of Business. although during semi finalist round they released around 1:30 pm.

          • IRB

            No new today

        • Keith

          Let’s hope so, one way or another it would be nice to know.

        • Waiting

          Sorry Sam 🙁

      • Waiting

        No, pretty normal!!! I kinda wish people would thread more to keep my mind preoccupied!!

        Anyone else out there that needs to Chillax?

  • Jojo

    I’m definitely getting anxious. What’s taking so long?!

    • Dan

      Uh, it’s the federal government, that’s what’s taking so long. Today’s the day I have a feeling though!

      • Josie

        Lol!! That’s funny. I need something to keep myself from refreshing my e-mail. It’s almost 3pm there…..I’m not sure today is the day Dan..maybe next week?!?! The obvious isn’t working…

  • Art

    Late March, Early April?!?!? Ummmmm…..

    • grthbale

      April 9…

  • Gus

    I’m going to make a call for COB Friday! April 8th (yesterday) was the last day for the Class of 2013 to get appointed.

  • Alex

    Today’s the day I think. The website is mostly updated to reflect 2014 changes (updates to reflect the STEM track, etc) so the only thing that’s really left is to put up the finalist list. I’m based overseas now and with the time change I’m about 7 hours ahead so it’s frustrating for me to wait all day during the day for it to be business hours DC time. Wishing everyone the best of luck. What have other people been applying to job wise?

    • Irb

      Let’s hope so. That sounds frustrating. Good luck to you and everyone else!

  • Gretta

    Please let today be the day : )

  • Lidi

    Login now! Finalist here! Congrats everyone!!!

  • RG

    Happy to be selected as a finalist, but confused about the process ahead: So now there’s an in-person PMF job fair on the 28th? Everything we were told thus far was about a virtual job fair, no?

  • Steve

    Just posted a new thread with some links on PMF finalists regarding the job fair (as well as for non-finalists other tips) – http://pathtopmf.com/pmf-finalists-announced-open-thread/

  • Steve

    Applying for the 2014-15 PMF?

    Make sure to check the Open Thread here – http://pathtopmf.com/2015-pmf-open-thread/

    And updated PMF guide – http://pathtopmf.com/pmf-application-process/